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~~ My 2002 Show & Training Journal ~~

This is my 2002 equine journal. I will write in here often to tell you guys of the trial and tribulations of training, showing and just trying to be a normal teenager at the same time. Check back soon, there will always be updates.

Well, last Sunday my Diamond made his way through the arena fence, luckily he only has some fighting mark and is a bit banged on his left cannon but he is said to be doing well. He was quite shaken up when we got to the farm, but with his great heart he was willing to come to us and let us take care of him. I was amazed at how calmly he allowed us to atch him while in the field, especially after something like that. But he was placed into his stall and doctored up, the fence was fixed yesterday and today was his first day back outside. i hope that all is doing well, having him in Eminence is nice b/c ill get alot of help with his training and its really niceto get away from home for a few days and get to "play horses" but it is going to be a triffle difficult when i begin his under saddle training to see what all he retains and what he needs more work on. But that is a ways off, and it will be warmer by then and i will be able to work more after school and such. well, i hope to see him this weekend, gotta love the extra monday off of school !

Diamond is doing fabulous !!!! he was great when we were grooming and just handling him a bit, and we also got a chance to work him in teh round pen. the guy was great, and joined up perfectly. I was greatly impressed with how he's settled down and back into his routien after his little happening........... but next weekend he probley wont eb so happy with me....we might be working on loading i do beleive.

today was fabulous !!!!!! i rode Diamond for teh first tiem and he did fantastic !!! he was very calm and willing to do whatever i asked, and i even had the wonderful guy doing leg yielding and he backs like a dream !!!!! he has a super soft mouth and is sensitive to pressure which is a great thing. i beleive we will do fabulous this season if he stays this good, i was greatly impressed with him. even when a certain horse lost his rider and was bucking right torwards us he kept me safe. i cant wait to ride him again !