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My Top 10 Males

You know..... ive always thought every female should own at LEAST ten males.... you know gurls....... one to ride horses with at sunset, two for the kitchen, three for the hot tub, and four for "playtime" *wink wink*

Here's my Top Ten List.... Enjoy!

Kenny Chesney


#1 >> Come on gurls.. tight Wranglers, built like Adonis AND he sings such romantic lyrics.... u just cannot beat this guy !!!


Rodrigo Pessoa

#2 >> Ok, Rodrigo has a great talent in the saddle, he's Brazillian, and his butt looks so grand in those nice, tight, white breeches !!!


Rivers Cuomo

#3 >> As the lead singer of Weezer he's already a fabulous male, but look at those eyes... and hey... his smile can make me melt!


Matt Smith

#4>> Let's see here gurls..... he's a Hockey player, he rebuilds some fabulous muscle cars in his spare time and he's said to have a great sense of humor and is known as the comedian of the team.... not a hard decision eh ???


Nicky Katt

#5 >> Well, although he only plays a Teacher on television I would sure enjoy sitting in a hour class staring at his handsome self ...


Matt Damon

#6 >> He played a military man in SPR, a golfer in LBV and always looked good ..... thats versatility!!! bet he'd look good under my sheets...


George Clooney

#7 >> ::cough:: is there a doctor in the house ?!?!? this woman needs mouth to mouth QuIcKly !!! ::cough::


Harrison Ford

#8 >> he was Han Solo !!!! come on.... he's gotta be on this list !!!


Russel Crowe

#9 >> he's Australian, he rode a awesome horse in Gladiator.. and did i mention he's Australian ?????


Kip Pardue

#10 >> He's intelligent, he's athletic, and he was just perfect in his role in the movie Driven.... oh my. him behind the wheel of an openwheel racing car... Grrrowl..