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My Musical Arena

Welcome to my musical arena.... I have always had a great love of music, and have learned that the greatest way to express yourself is through music.

I play the Alto Saxophone in my high school marching band, and hope to someday learn the guitar and piano.... I really enjoy being in band, it has given me experiences that not many people can ever say they have done. Our band may be small, but we have played at the Indy500 for the past few years, won our fair share of trophies and ribbons, and we also perform with the Indiana University Marching Hundred (the greatest marching band ever!)when they have thier yearly "Band Day".

I enjoy listening to almost any type of musical genres, but I DO NOT like boy bands, gurls like Britney and rap music. I have gone to a few great concerts, but I am going to be attending the Kenny Chesney concert on October 20th, and Im dying for that day to come !!!

I have compiled a small list of SOME of teh bands i enjoy... and here it is !!!


WEEZER (Rivers is godlike in my mind !)
BOB SEGER ( i named my horse after
POE (Gotta respect her!)
RAMMSTEIN (if you've seen thier concert u already know why!)
ROB ZOMBIE (awesome music for a bad day...)
U2 (they need no intro)
BBMak (british guys.. hehehe)
CREED (they are great in concert)
NO DOUBT (Gwen's lyrics rock !)

KENNY CHESNEY (from E. TN.. hehehe... look at those jeans!)
GARTH BROOKS (His lryics have some good stories)
DIXIE CHICKS (cowboy take me away... i say no more)
GEORGE STRAIT (he's handsome and great sounding !)
ALLISON KRAUS (her lyrics have such meanings)

FRANK SINATRA (he's in a class of his own !)