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** Summer is almost here !! **


hey there, im doing updates on just about everything so take a l;ook around ! there is also a forum setup on this site now. the button to enter it is located below the falling cat os drop me a line ok ?


Hey there, i know i have not been updating as often as i should.... i will be doing that soon so check back !


Hello again everyone, i have some rather exciting news !!! I may be acquiring a new puppy ! She is a full-blooded  Saint Bernard, and right now is three months old. My mother first heard of her from an advertisement, and after having the hard decision of which female to get i beleive we have finally settled on buying her. We already own a 80% Saint-mixed male and we plan on possibly breeding them after she turns a year or older b.c we would like to have one of his offspring. i am planning on adding an "other pets" page to showcase my pets other than the equines, so keep checking back for photos.



I'm already in the St.Paddy's Mood !!!!!! I love this holliday that glorifies my favorite color and beer of that


Today I updated the Lyrics of the Month so go check them out !


Hooowdy 'dar !!! Today i amputting up some NEW PICS of myself on my personal page, and i want some feedback on the i am also  planning on adding a "Friends & Family" page to give some of the lunatics around me a moment in the sun...


Well, i have good news ! i finally got a new guestbook up and running so go sign it for me !

Well, today i added new pictures to Thunder's Page as well as my personal page... im still working on adding a guestbook and a counter....

Hey there.... don;t really have anything meaningful or useful to report today... but im just bored and thought why not waste some space and give you guys a bit of a change.... oh by the way, everyone should listen to Ben Fold Five's "Song For The Dumped" !!!! That song is deffinately my favorite song !!!! Also, i am working on getting a new guestbook... this one never seems to work.

Hey. got the lyrics of the month up !!!! been busy so my updates are alitle behind.. sorry about that !

Hello Everyone, I've added my 2002 Equine Journal.... ill keep it updated regularly.. so check it out and find out how me and the horses do during this show season !

Howdy everyone !!! You may notice a new page added to my site called "In Your Time's Personal Arena" well go check it out !!! This is my new show horse's page !!! Tell me what you think of that handsome fellow !!!

Hey, there are some new photos of Thunder on his page, go check him out in all of his wooly glory. Now before you see these here is a disclaimer : He's fat, Fuzzy, and its winter... so take that into consideratin when you judge Enjoy

Well, after a few hours I am FINALLY done updating for this evening... i have updated almost every page in some fashion or another... so just glance around !!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! I hope that everyone's Christmas is going as well as mine has been coming along. This Christmas I received some fabulous gifts... Ill add that list at the Anyways, just wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone out there. Also, I have placed a new photo of myself in my personal page.

What I Got: Digital Camera, Training Halter, Clothes, Creed & Garth Brooks CDs, Breyer Models, PJs !!!!

Hmm.. I personally think my new guestbook entry from PETA was interesting....... but please, if you plan on insulting me with lies then AT LEAST leave your real name.... how childish not to ba able to back up your words and actually give myself a chance to defend my dignity. and here's my views on the PETA organization. I have watched movies that you have created, watched movies from the producers you try to pass off as cruel killers, and Ive actually been on farms..... have your people ??? I have seen farms that took perfect care of thier livestock, b/c let's face the facts.. unhealthy, unhappy, sick, and abused animals will not produce the product desired from them... and thus, the farmers make no income.... the farmers depend on this income to survive... why would they ruin thier stock ??? and Ive read your info you send out, seen your site, and talked to your activists... they need to get thier facts straight... just like in THIS situation !!!

Thanks to a boring evening I have decided to change the "Lyrics O' the Month" page for January... enjoy...

Well, I was finally able to get some of the new jumping photos of Thunder onto his page. Please go check them out.. he looks great.. and I would like to say a huge Thank You to Randy for taking the pictures for me !!!

Well, I got the Thunder page updated with new layouts and text, but the new pictures were not loading... *sigh* hopefully soon I'll be able to share! lol

Hey.. instead of the "Man Of The Month" page I have instituted my "Top 10 Page" hope u check it out. tell me what u think !!!! I also have some new photos of Thunder, i hope to have them up soon.... Tripod is acting up lately...

Hey there everyone !!! I hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, mine went well. Today I've figured since December is almost here I would go ahead and do my monthly updates. I have changed this page's veiw as you can see, and I have also updated the "Lyrics of the month" page so go check the new ones out !!! I should have a new piece of eye candy up in the "Man of the month" page soon...

Enjoy Your Visit To My Site!

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"If you are offended by anything on this site, then leave."


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