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WTC Bombings Message


As i know you have heard there was a tragic act of terrorism against our great nation. I am adding this page to my site as a way to let you all know exactly how i feel about these happenings.

I am greatly maddend by this... I can't imagine how someone could have such evil within themselves to take so many lives, and injure so many more. How could anyone be so twisted that in thier own minds they were going to be idolized for what they have done ?! How could those people abroad be cheering ??? How can they think this is a fabulous day ??? I know that those who did this have suffered the fate of thier victims..... buti could think of better ways of killing those men... i think they were able to perish too easily without any consequences for what they have done.

Here's my message to anyone who is happy about what has happened.... FUCK YOU !!!!!

My prayers are with those who have perished, the families who are grieving, those who were injured, and also to those who were unfortunate enough to see these horrible happenings....






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